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A very dear friend shared a book with me recently –– something he says, moved him so deeply it occupied his thoughts for weeks after finishing. The premise of ‘Replay’ isn’t new –– life, death, and rebirth –– but these are ideas I’m noticing everywhere of late. 19 pages into Slaughterhouse Five and ‘Billy Pilgrim, is similarly traversing across time “no control of where he is going… or which part of his life he is going to have to act in next”. It makes me wonder… do we manifest, and invite ideas into our lives, or is it simply that we surround ourselves with like minded individuals that further imbed these thoughts into our psyche. I suppose it doesn’t really matter — either way, it’s the universal algorithm — something, or someone is telling you to dial in, focus and explore. The idea I’m exploring seems simple — you live, you die and you’re reborn elsewhere. But what if it’s more metaphorical — perhaps we’re reincarnated many times over within our present self. As humans, we’re equally as blessed with the ability to change as we are burdened with a constantly shifting, iterative idea of self. The oscillation can be overwhelming and we’re taught that forward motion is the only kind of motion. Strive to grow, evolve and change –– the person you were yesterday is not the person you could be tomorrow, perhaps you could be ‘better’. I’m beginning to wonder if we wouldn’t be better by simply focusing on the here and now. Perhaps it’s not quite so linear — it’s daunting, but also incredibly beautiful to peel back the layers in search of a centralized self. I have no clue if, or when I’ll find mine, but I’m becoming more open to the idea that there is room to move sideways, and even backwards to get there.