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I’m critical of social media… I worry about the psychological implications of excessive and unconscious internet usage –– a curated version of self, misguided expectations, and above all else, the absolute suck on our most valuable resource… time. I want to live a rich life… unedited and under ‘shared’ –– but how to bridge the expectation for excessive engagement with a life of expansion, and the embodiment of self. I’m working to shed black and white thinking… perhaps there’s a space that exists somewhere in the middle –– yes, I am hesitant, but I hope to engage in a more meaningful way. This platform is about community –– connecting people with common interests and shared values. My world has opened up to many beautiful information channels of late –– most of which I’m sure would’ve passed by an ‘off the grid self’. In 2020 I welcome more positivity, and a lot more sharing –– both my ideas, and those that I find meaningful, and worthy of reinforcement. Here’s to embracing the grey, xx.