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Hi! I’m Emily, owner and principal designer at FLWR. Since opening, I’ve had the pleasure of coloring weddings across the globe, whilst flowering many a project in the fashion, bridal and beauty markets. As a florist, I work to embody the richness of nature – creating designs that are vibrant, expressive and true to the seasons.

From large scale events to intimate dinner parties, shoots and interior styling, my goal is always to bring the outdoors in, enhancing each space with the wildness of nature. 2020 has brought FLWR home to Australia where I continue to work with flowers, embracing a deeper connection with community, sustainable floral design and the utmost respect for Mother Earth. 

Select clients include: Chloe, Spell & the Gypsy Collective, Loefller Randall, Net-a-Porter, Love Shack Fancy, Alice McCall, Calvin Klein, Prada, Grace Loves Lace, Dior, Scanlan Theodore, Vogue, Martha Stewart, + private wedding clientele.