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Tomorrow marks day 1 of my Vedic teachings. I was excited to learn that flower offerings are made as a connective, and respectful nod to the divine. I unconsciously selected the red hibiscus (Jaba) –– most commonly offered to goddess Kali, ‘the ultimate transforming power of time, taking us from death to immortality’. It dawned on me that I’ve been thinking a lot about letting go lately –– what it means to rid oneself of the illusory, self-centered views of reality –– how to embrace lightness of being and ideas of impermanence. It’s not lost on me that floristry is a ritual in embracing the ephemeral –– we use the vitality of nature to bring life force to a space but like all things, the obvious beauty fades, and in its wake, decay begins. There’s something inherently beautiful about that transformation… the cyclical nature of all things — after all, with decay comes the most fertile of soil… @margauxlp have I been in Mullumbimby too long!? x